NPM 2023 seminar
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The National Pentecostal Mission Sierra Leone is not just concerned with building the spiritual lives of its members and evangelizing to the lost sheep but is also interested in capacitating the young and future leaders by bringing education to the doorstep of the communities where our churches across the country are found. The National Pentecostal Mission has a number of Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools operated all over the country (some are Government Assisted and others still managed by the Church). This is done to complement the spiritual values and needs of the Church of God. Below are photos of the Schools under the watch of the National Pentecostal Mission Sierra Leone with Rev. Mrs. Jane Bangura as Director of Education superintending over the Mission Schools and Bishop Benjamin Boinor Bangura as Proprietor.  Some of the Schools are constraint with classrooms facilities and so the Church facilities are used to accommodate learners. 


The National Pentecostal Primary School at Fort Street

The National Pentecostal Secondary School at Fort Street

Pupils of the National Pentecostal Secondary School at Mankneh Makeni

National Pentecostal School Building Mankneh Makeni