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Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s wing of the National Pentecostal Mission shares similar history with the Men’s Ministry, when the church was established in the 1950s, the it became paramount that the new female converts like their men counterparts should be seen conducting themselves in a way that they will be able to address their basic social and spiritual needs and owing to the fact that before its (the church) emergence, the Limba community had social clubs and organizations that had always catered for the welfare of their members and families, to meet the growing needs and attention of their fellow female members, the “Women Prayer Band” was formed to help the church in addressing emerging social, economic and spiritual issues. It was on that note that the adult female members formed themselves into a unit called; Women Prayer Band. The Prayer Band was a support based group to the spiritual and numeric growth and development of the Limba Congregation and the community by extension, it was then like a home cell unit. They will visit and pray with their members or relatives of their membership and will always be with and support family members in cases of bereavements and sicknesses and also in joyous moments. The Women Prayer Band which was formed in the early days of the church started its independent operations in the 1980s. The Women Prayer Band has today been transformed to be called Women’s Ministry. The Women Prayer Band has today been transformed to be called Women’s Ministry.

When the group of women was called to form the prayer band during those formative days, the wife of Rev. Kennedy, ‘Mamie Kennedy’ who was a seamstress was teaching the women basic skills in mending, patching, stitching and sewing to keep them busy and focus to do the work of God. Among the women trained by Mrs. Kennedy included Mamie Titty Bankole Sesay, Mamie Therena Samfa Sesay and many others.  

Women ministry is the best thing that happened to the church. It has helped in the growth of the church. Eighty percent (80%) of our congregation in the National Pentecostal Mission are women. They are always seen helping their members to cement the bond existing among them and in the same vain discuss the challenges unique to women. They can be regrouped under the following: Teenagers, young adults, older adults, and widows. Women need emotionally safe environment. They often feel safe sharing their hearts, asking questions, requesting for prayer and speaking up when they’re with other women. Hence the need for the establishment of the then Women Prayer Band now changed to Women’s Ministry.



During the formative years of the Limba Church, the women were a bit shy and so were not bold enough to come forward and assume leadership responsibilities; hence the reason for the establishment of the prayer bands so as to give them enough space to operate. The women in this department have been trained and mentored to mostly address the spiritual needs and purpose of the church. Today, the National Pentecostal Mission can boast of ordained female preachers and ministers of the gospel and more women are expected to key in as many of the Mission’s young female adults are being prepared for the great commission. These trained and ordained women are in turn making disciples that have been and are still making impact in the Mission.

The ministry currently have unique prayer needs among these are living fruitfully while facing quarantines, health issues and social unrest can be difficult. In addition, many women have been surprised by things like a loss of the family income, needing to homeschool, caring for elders who are vulnerable to disease, supporting an overworked husband and dealing with their own isolation and loneliness. Coming together in empathizing with one another through prayer, fasting and encouraging one another through visitations have been the main activities of the women’s ministry. The following below has been their main activities:

  • Prayer for the sick
  • Raising funds in supporting the less privilege women and widows
  • Supporting the dead among them in giving a befitting funeral.
  • Helping the girl child education
  • Raise funds to support mission development activities.



Like most things in life, the Women’s Ministry needs good leadership. This starts with the pastor’s wife and other church administrators. The Women’s Ministry isn’t really worth pursuing if the church is going to half-heartedly do it. Having good leadership is a sign of strength that most women will rally behind and appreciate. Pastors and their spouses have over the time past identified and trained faithful leaders to lead their folks through the consent of the membership they are leading in their absence.